Four harmful effects of sugar

//Four harmful effects of sugar

Four harmful effects of sugar

We all know that sugar has harmful effects on our body. However, most of the people are unaware of exactly what are these effects. That is why they often do not take the effect of sugar seriously. You need to understand that instead of consuming deserts which are laden with sugar, it is important to look into the side effects of sugar and after that, you would understand how you can keep it at bay.

  1. Obesity:

The main problem with sugar is that it consists of a high amount of calories. Due to this very reason, you receive instant energy. However, this instant increase in calories is not favorable for your body as your metabolic system might not be able to utilize those many calories. It results in the accumulation of fat in the body. The more sugar you consume, the more would be the fat accumulation in the body. Thus, obesity becomes a real threat when you are consuming sugar-based foodstuffs on a regular basis.

  1. Cavities:

This is one of the most obvious threats to your health when you are consuming an excessive amount of sugar. One thing which you have to always keep in mind is that the more sugar you consume, the greater will be the risk of cavities. This can easily spread to your entire teeth. Thus, you would have to go for root canals or other such procedures as well. Also, this is not just bad for your health but also for your finances as well, as the dental care costs are going through the roof.

  1. The improper functioning of the brain:

Most of the foodstuffs which are high in sugar consist of very little of the nutrients. That is why you would be suffering from a deficiency of healthy fats as well as omega-3 fatty acids. This would reduce your cognitive power as well. Also, if the level of glucose in your body is high, the mitochondrial function of your body would be drastically reduced which would limit the cognitive function. This is especially evident during the mid-life. That is why you have to always opt for a balanced diet rather than a diet high in sugar.

  1. Diabetes:

With the increased amount of sugar in your body, the body would develop insulin resistance. As body develops insulin resistance, the sugar levels in the blood would not come down. This would cause the sugar levels in your blood always to remain high which has its side effects. Also, over a period, you would develop diabetes as well which would automatically reduce the amount of insulin present in the body which would make the problem even more severe.

So, instead of taking the harmful effects of sugar lightly, it is important to look into these four harmful effects to better understand why you should avoid sugar. Also, in addition to these four harmful effects, there are quite a few other threats which can cause a variety of other health problems. As a result, it is always a better idea to limit the consumption of sugar.


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