Four things which you need to know about diabetes

//Four things which you need to know about diabetes

Four things which you need to know about diabetes

Diabetes is another lifestyle disease which is spreading pretty rapidly. Most of the people do not look after their sugar consumption. That is why it is spreading like an epidemic. The problem with diabetes is that it is very difficult to bring the sugar levels back under control once your body develops insulin resistance. That is why, instead of reaching this stage, it is a much better idea to gain as much information about diabetes as possible to avoid it.

  1. Epidemic:

Diabetes is an epidemic. It is estimated by the World Health Organization that by 2025, there would be at least 400 million people who would be impacted by diabetes. Also, the current cost of diabetes treatment all over the world annually is at least $ 800 million. Thus, if you cannot call this an epidemic, then I’m not sure what can be called as an epidemic.

  1. Different type of diabetes:

Instead of thinking that every type of diabetes is equally severe and the treatment is the same, you have to understand that diabetes can be of different types. The three different types of diabetes are:

  • Type I: in this type, the insulin production in the body is reduced.
  • Type II: in this type, the body is not able to use insulin effectively.
  • Gestational diabetes: this type of diabetes occurs only in pregnant ladies. The problem is that it can cause significant complications in pregnancy.
  1. Diabetes is entirely preventable:

The most common type of diabetes is type II. It is entirely preventable. As long as you can keep your weight under control and you can exercise a bit, you would be able to make your body use insulin effectively. This would help you in remaining healthy and avoiding this disease.

The only type of diabetes which is not preventable is type I. Till date; there is no method to prevent diabetes type I. However, since diabetes II is most common and it is preventable, you should take some of the steps required to stay away from this disease.

  1. Diabetes causes more diseases:

Diabetes can easily cause a lot of different problems in your body. It can cause kidney diseases as well as cardiac problems as well. In certain extreme cases, it can cause leg amputation as well. That is why it is always a better idea to consult your doctor to keep the sugar levels under control and to consume insulin if needed from external sources. This would ensure that you can keep diabetes under control and you do not face any adverse impact of diabetes.

So, instead of ignoring this epidemic, it is a better idea to gain more knowledge about the epidemic to understand how you can prevent it. You can also gain the knowledge about its symptoms so that you can detect in time and you can limit the damage as well. It is much better to be well prepared rather than to repent at a later stage.

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